Delegation from Zhejiang Normal University Visiting DUT-CI

Recently, Mr Jiazheng Zhang, Director  Department of Policy Planning  in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Professor Hongwu Liu, Dean of Africa Institute in Zhejiang Normal University led a delegation to DUT CI, attending discussion meetings with the teachers and students on topics like China-Africa relationship, China-South Africa educational cooperation, Mandarin teaching and learning, cultural exchanges, etc. The DUT CI Co-Deans Professor Graham Stewart and Dr Eddie Chaobo Fu, Special Assistant to Deans Mr. Deva Govindasamy and representatives of mandarin teachers and students received the delegation and exchanged ideas on a wide variety of interesting fields.

Professor Graham Stewart and Dr. Eddie Chaobo Fu firstly introduced to the visiting guests the major projects/programmes in the Institute, covering areas like language teaching, cultural cooperation and staff exchanges, etc.  The CI’s latest bilateral diversified people-to-people engagements between China and South Africa were especially discussed. Mr Zhang and Professor Liu sang highly of the success and achievements in the Institute, and further introduced the latest research areas and focuses in the Africa Institute in Zhejiang Normal University, proposing a variety of potential research areas in language policy,  China-South Africa staff exchanges and cooperation to collaborate on.

The Discussion Section consists of teachers group and students group. The delegate  had a deep and wide communication with CI leadership and staff  on China’s Africa policy,  South Africa educational policy, technician training, China-Africa cultural exchange,  South African language and education policy, China-South Africa educational cooperation, and the opportunities and challenges in  promoting mandarin and Chinese culture to local communities. For the students group, the Mandarin learners from the DUT CI talked about their purpose,experience,achievements and challenges in Mandarin learning,  and shared with the visiting guests ideas on effective ways of promoting China-Africa, China-South Africa friendship, from African students’ point of view.  

The Africa institute of Zhejiang Normal University was established in 2007 as the first comprehensive substantial Africa Institute of Chinese Universities and a think tank Institution involving academic study, policy consulting, and international communication.