DUT Confucius Institute Showcasing Chinese Culture in Durban DCC International Culture Gala

The DUT Confucius Institute, together with other International Organizations from countries like America, Mexico, India, France, South Africa, etc. participated in “Durban International Culture Gala” (2017) at Durban DCC Tent on May 28th, sharing the amazing stage with artists from different cultural backgrounds, showcasing Chinese language and culture by hosting a number of stunning Chinese programmes and by providing savory Chinese cuisine. About 2000 participants from the local communities were present in this carnival event, well received by fabulous diverse cultures from various countries.

The DUT CI Chinese cultural presentations were started by a Taiji (Chinese Kongfu) performance combining a magic of power and beauty, followed by the traditional Chinese musical instrument Hulusi ensemble “Tianmimi”(Sweet Sweet Memory); another Chinese Ancient Instrument Guzheng performance and a Chinese folk dance highlighted the whole Gala, attracting a great number of people from around, who were equally fascinated by a setup of Chinese tea, Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese costume show.

More attractively to the long-queued audience was the DUT CI Chinese cuisine tent, where famous Chinese food were cooked, demonstrated and served on site: Spring Roll and Fried Chinese vegetable as the starter, Chinese Roasted Duck and Chiaomian(Fried Noodles) and Spicy Diced Chicken with Peanuts as the main courses, and Fried Chinese Steamed Bun with sweet dressing as the dessert. The delicious food was thumbed up by the local community participants and became a classic tag of Chinese culture in this function.

“This is the first time for the DUT Confucius Institute to be invited to co-host and share our rich culture heritage with the local communities in this International Culture Gala. As an indispensable member of the multiple rainbow family of Durban City, the DUT CI, together with the Chinese community, wishes to play a more active role in promoting social cohesion and cultural harmoniousness in our shared home - the eThekwini. By enjoying the good blessings and great happiness together, all people are definitely united to pursue a better life and deserve a better future, regardless of their races, languages, or cultures”, said Dr Eddie C FU, Co-Dean of the Confucius Institute at DUT.