The DUT Confucius Institute hosts The 2nd Global Confucius Day Theme Event to celebrate “2015 Durban Cultural Heritage Month”

   Durban is renowned for its great diversity of languages and cultures. Every September Durban’s "Heritage Month” celebrations demonstrate the diversified languages and rich cultures in this beautiful city.

   To observe this magnificent “Heritage Month”, and to celebrate the 2nd Global Confucius Institute Day and “2015 the year of China in South Africa”, Durban University of Technology (DUT) and its Confucius Institute(CI) hosted a grand function at Essenwood Park in Musgrave on September 26th . More than 500 people from DUT and locals experienced an amazing Chinese language and culture in a beautiful Durban spring day.

   The whole-day theme function includes two sections: writing Chinese characters and experiencing Chinese culture, incorporating eight theme events in different programmes, among which are Chinese calligraphy writing, Chinese martial arts demonstration, Chinese tea ceremony and tea tasting, traditional Chinese and South African dance performance, Chinese food tasting, Chinese folk costume show and cross-time-and-space photo-taking.


   Together with the DUT CI lecturers, the DUT Chinese Martial Arts team and CI learners displayed a fantastic Shaolin boxing and Chinese Taiji performances, which attracted the most attention of the audiences. In the Chinese tea pavilion, Oolong tea like Dahongpao and Tieguanyin, Flower tea like Fuzhou jasmine tea and other Chinese teas interested the participants in grand Chinese tea ceremonies. Meanwhile, the traditional & modern South African and Chinese folk dances fascinated the audience with Chinese Dai ethnic folk dance "Rain bamboo" and modern Zulu dance “Hope”. More interestingly, the DUT CI also provided delicious Chinese traditional food “Beijing Roasted Duck” and “Chinese Spring Roll” to the carefree audience for free tasting. The crowd enjoyed the delicious food while immersing themselves in a great variety of Chinese cultural programmes.