The First Chinese Language Proficiency Test held at KZN local high school by DUT CI

       A Chinese Language Proficiency Test HSK-1 was hosted at Kearsney College by the DUT Confucius Institute on 17 October, with 19 students from Kearsney College sitting in the test. This is the fourth Chinese Language Proficiency Test held by the DUT Confucius Institute after the Institute was accredited in this April by the Chinese HANBAN/Confucius Institute Headquarters (CIH) in Beijing to set up a Chinese Language Proficiency Test Center, the only one in KwaZulu Natal Province.

       This HSK-1 test is also the first Chinese language test held at a KZN high school. Kearsney College  has started to offer Mandarin course to its students since last April, and the 19 test participants are among the first students who are learning mandarin at Kearsney College for one year.


       Professor Eddie C Fu, the co-dean of Confucius Institute at DUT, paid a visit to the College the other day. After good conversations with Mr Elwyn Aardweg, the College Headmaster, the DUT CI will work closely together with the College to introduce more Chinese language and cultural programmes to the young ones at Kearsney.