The story of Ado

My name is Ado and my Chinese name is Du Siming. This Chinese name was given by my Chinese sister. "Siming" comes from an ancient Chinese book from 2500 years ago called "The Analects of Confucius. Jishi".

She wanted me to be a gentleman, and think more about things, and see the essence of things clearly.

In 2018, my sister returned to South Africa from China, but that year I dropped out of school because I didn't have the money to pay the next year's tuition, and I didn't find a suitable job, so I had to stay at home. My sister said, "You may go learn Chinese, so you might find a job as an interpreter in the future." With her help, I walked into the Confucius Institute at Durban University of Technology in South Africa and started a magical Chinese journey.

From the first day I got the Chinese book, I was deeply infatuated with this kind of beautiful words like pictures. Our teacher often recommends some good Chinese songs and interesting Chinese movies to us. In the movies, China is filled with neon lights and tall buildings. The overpass is like a standing maze. The subway runs through the underground of the whole city. It is safe and convenient and quickly....

"I must go to China to see, I want to study in China, I want to speak fluent Chinese like a Chinese." I told myself.

When the four-month course was about to end, I was catching up with the annual "Chinese Bridge" competition for university students in the world. I did not expect that I was awarded with excellence in the regional finals. But I was not so lucky in the HSK3 exam a week later. I only got the total score of 170 out of 300 while it required 180 in order to pass the test. I was ashamed to tell my sister that I failed the exam, but she encouraged me and said "Don't give up, you can try again."

I couldn’t forget my dream of studying in China,so I chose to continue learning Chinese, and try my best to communicate with my Chinese friends in Chinese.

Finally I passed the test with a total score of 259 out of 300. My sister excitedly said to me: I am proud of you!

In 2020, I successfully got the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship at Central South University and will be going to China this year. I finally took the first step of my dream!

I am very grateful to my teachers, friends and family who have helped me along the way. I am very lucky because Chinese has allowed me to find the direction of my career. I hope that in the future, I can be an excellent local Chinese teacher, or a professional Chinese translator and I m also grateful to all my personal efforts which changed my life and created a better life for my family.